Let’s make Carbon Neutral Travel
our way of life.

Minimizing and offsetting travel emissions, is one of the simplest ways we can fight climate change
and protect our precious planet.

The challenge

The climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and carbon emissions rise is the main cause. During the last years, transport contributed 27% of total carbon in the EU-28, while tourism in particular (including travel) was responsible for around 8-10% of global GHGe.

Taking that into consideration, one of the main challenges is how to achieve a more sustainable travel and tourism approach. Research points out that one of the main barriers for travelers is the lack of available or appealing options for making more sustainable travel choices.

tuCO2, provides a robust and credible option, to measure and offset travel and accommodation carbon footprint.

Make an Impact with tuCO2

Even small individual actions can have a massive impact in the fight against global warming, and tuCO2 mission is to empower people to achieve Carbon Neutral travel! 

Travelling inevitably produces carbon emissions, and tuCO2 offers a user-friendly tool, that helps travelers to calculate and offset those carbon emissions, making their journey Carbon Neutral.

Carbon offsets is a way to compensate for travel carbon footprint, by supporting projects that help reduce carbon emissions, conserve vulnerable ecosystems and advance the clean energy transition.

Furthermore, on our website (Tips & Suggestions) you can find tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions produced by your trip, and suggestions for low carbon or even carbon neutral hotels, transportation, and other activities.

What inspired our Philosophy?

Toco Toucan birds are climate change fighters that inspire us all! Toucans are working hard to keep rainforests alive, distributing the seeds of the large trees that store the most carbon and in turn ensuring a healthy forest, stabilizing the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the global atmosphere. Hence the name tuCO2!  

The Team

tuCO2 was developed & run by a strongly motivated team of highly trained multidisciplinary professionals (environmental engineers, app developers, web designers, data scientists, marketing experts etc.). The core team is:

Georgios Konstantzos

tuCO2 architect

Konstantinos Matthaios

Technology mastermind

Ioannis Achladiotis

Data and analytics guy

Eleni Moschopoulou

Environmental mind

Maria Griva

Carbon neutral enthusiast

Georgios Papailiou

Eco-product warrior

Sofia Talianni

Nature-inspired brander

Tiki Toucan

The inspiration

Dora Koutsospyrou

Marketing brains

tuCO2 is powered & monitored by INNOVECO,
an environmental consulting firm, committed to support sustainability & green economy.

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