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tuCO2 provides an easy to use yet sophisticated and scientifically proven tool, that helps to calculate and offset your travel carbon footprint, achieving Carbon Neutral travel!

tuCO2 calculator can be used for flights, trains, cruises, hotels and more. Furthermore, on our website you can find tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions produced by your trip, and suggestions for low carbon or even carbon neutral hotels, transportation, and other activities.

The main priority for us was to develop a reliable yet simple to use tool, balancing the complexity of the calculator and the required input data. The methodology is based on values sourced from credible, reliable and up-to-date databases, as well as methodologies from leading organizations such as ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator Methodology and UK Government Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors, complemented by internal estimations made by a group of experts and real activity data.


tuCO2 gives the option to offset your travel emissions and make your journey Carbon Neutral! Carbon offsets is a way to compensate for your carbon footprint, by supporting projects that help reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a sustainable world.

We offer carbon offsets, from certified projects that are listed on UN Carbon Offset Platform provided by the UNFCCC Secretariat. For each offset we provide a certificate that includes details about the certified project and the purchased carbon credits.

Carbon credits usually cost 8€-15€ per tonne of carbon emissions. We use 20% of your contribution to run and further develop tuCO2, while the remaining 80% fund directly projects certified by the UN Carbon Offset Platform.

tuCO2 was developed & run by a strongly motivated team of highly trained multidisciplinary professionals (environmental engineers, app developers, web designers, data scientists, marketing experts etc.). Furthermore, tuCO2 is powered & monitored by INNOVECO, a sustainability organization certified in accordance with ISO 14001 & 14064 standards.
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