More than beauty: Toco Toucan birds are the inspiration of the tuCO2 app.

Toco toucans, also known as the “big bill birds”, are the must-see animal in the South American rainforest. Imagine walking through the jungle, look up in the sky and see a majestic toucan flying overhead, its vibrant beak on full display. Trust us, it’s a sight you won’t forget! These birds are not just a pretty face. They also play a vital role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of the rainforest ecosystem. They are known for spreading seeds of fruits and berries that store the most carbon, which are large and difficult for other animals to consume. As they move through the forest, they disperse them over a wide area and increase the chances of the seeds germinating.

Toco Toucan birds are the climate change fighters, as they sustain and improve the biodiversity of the tropical forests and absorb the carbon dioxide from the global atmosphere.

Toco Toucan birds have inspired the core philosophy of tuCO2 app. Everything has started when a strongly motivated team of professionals shared a common vision… to build a tribe of eco-warrior travelers, who believe that travels CAN be sustainable.

Thus, our app was “born” accompanied with our mascot… Tiki Toucan!

The tuCO2 calculator is based on the assumption that travelling inevitably produces carbon emissions.

The tuCO2 app is a scientifically proven tool, that helps you calculate your travel carbon footprint. But this you know it already!

The new skin of the app ensures that users will have an easy yet sophisticated experience when navigating through the app. The graphs will assist you in understanding the break-down of the carbon footprint of each trip! The dashboards are designed to help you track your overall carbon footprint from your travel history, so you are in charge of how and when you are going to fight climate change by offsetting your carbon footprint.

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