Exploring the world guilt-free: the benefits of carbon offsetting with tuCO2

As an environmentally conscious traveler, you’re always looking for ways to explore the world without leaving a heavy impact on the environment. One way considered to be effective is offsetting the carbon emissions from your trips. But you might be wondering: what is carbon offsetting? And is it the real deal?

It’s important to remember that carbon offsetting should not be seen as a replacement for reducing our own carbon footprint. 


The first step is actually reducing our impact on the environment, by following sustainable travel options.

Try taking the train instead of flying and staying in hotels that have carbon neutral certifications. Every little bit helps!


So, carbon offsetting from travelling is a way to balance out the emissions from your trips by investing in certified projects that reduce or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

However, not all carbon offset projects are credible and effective in reducing emissions. When purchasing carbon offsets, it’s important to ensure that projects are validated and registered by a reputable third-party organization and that they have a verifiable and permanent impact on reducing carbon emissions.



What sets tuCO2 apart from other offset platforms is that it offers certified projects that are listed on the UN Carbon Offset Platform provided by the UN Climate Change.


The tuCO2 app offers a user-friendly and scientifically-proven calculator that can help you calculate emissions from your transports and hotels overnights. Once you know how much carbon you need to offset, the app will offer you a variety of certified projects that are approved by the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform, which means they’re the real deal when it comes to reducing emissions.

The tuCO2 app is here to make it easy for you to offset the carbon emissions from your trips. But don’t forget, offsetting your carbon emissions is just one piece of the puzzle! You can also reduce your impact on the environment by choosing more sustainable travel options, so you can explore the world without feeling guilty about it.


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